Dr. Don Jones grew up in the ministry and is a fourth generation preacher. His father, Don E. Jones, served as a Pastor for the Assemblies of God until 1968 when hebecame a missionary to Mexico, Haiti, and Jamaica. His Grandfather, Rev E.E. Jones, is listed in the archives of the Assemblies of God as one of the founders of the organization.



It has been said that if you want to see the greatness of a man, don't look at his bank account or his accomplishments; look at his children. This will tell the story of the man.

Dr. Jones has four children and seven grandchildren. He and his wife Jerri Ann were married in June of 1977. Their children all serve the Lord and are actively serving in ministry.

Here are a few of Dr. Jones' Accomplishments:


- Traveled to 27 countries for missions work

- Physically built churches in Haiti, Mexico, and US

- First Anglo American to step foot on and take the Gospel to the Island of LaGanove, Haiti

- First person to take the Gospel to Santa Rita, Mexico which was known for it's witchcraft in

  Old Mexico

- First person to take the Gospel to Real De Lacorse, Mexico (a major center for the New Age

  Movement in Latin America

- First person to take the Gospel to areas only reached by horseback in Sierra Madres, Mexico

- Founded three churches in the United States and served in Pastoral Ministry for 26 years

- Served on the board for Crisis Pregnancy Center for several years

- Became the manager in Southwest Missouri for a major insurance company

- Obtained his doctorate, TH.D. from the Norh Carolina College of Theology

- Establishing accredited colleges across the U.S., Haiti, and Old Mexico

- The Founder of the Tavern Creek Horse Ranch; a center established to do Father/Son Retreats

   teaching Fathers to be a great DAD

- Founder and President of Midwest College of Theology

- Founder and President of Midwest International



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Statement of Faith

Midwest Schools CONSIDERS THE FOLLOWING TRUTHS to be fundamental to an understanding of our relationship to the ONE TRUE AND LIVING GOD.

The Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are the inspired Word of God. The Bible is the infallible authority for faith and conduct.

ONE TRUE GOD The One True God is the eternally self-existent “I AM,” the Creator of the universe. He has further revealed Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

THE LORD JESUS CHRIST The Lord Jesus is 100% divine (Son of God) while simultaneously being 100% human (Son of Man). As God Incarnate, He is the express image of the     Living God in human form.

ORIGINAL SIN & THE FALL OF MAN Man was created good and upright in the image and likeness of God. The first man, Adam, through disobedience, fell from the grace of God and, thus, sin and death entered into the world. Adam’s transgression incurred not only physical death for man, but also spiritual death which is eternal separation from God. Man’s propensity to sin because of his sinful nature necessitates salvation from the power of sin and a Savior to provide that salvation.

SALVATION OF MAN  Man’s only hope of redemption and salvation from sin is through the shed Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. His blood is completely sufficient to deliver every person from the power and penalty of sin.

THE CHURCH & ITS MISSION The Church is the Body of Christ and is comprised of all believers. God inhabits the Body of Christ by the Holy Ghost both individually and corporately. Since God’s purpose concerning man is to seek and to save that which is lost, to be worshiped by man, and to build a body of believers in the image of His Son, the Church’s responsibility is: (1) to evangelize the world,  (2)to be a corporate body in which man may worship and glorify God, and (3) to equip the saints for the work of service.

BAPTISM IN WATER Baptism by immersion in water is commanded in the Scriptures. All who repent of their sins and believe in Christ as Savior and Lord are to be baptized.

HOLY COMMUNION The Lord’s Supper, consisting of bread and a cup of the fruit of the vine, is a memorial of Jesus’ suffering and death and a celebration of His resurrection to be enjoyed by all believers until He comes again.

BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST  The baptism of believers in the Holy Ghost is evidenced by the initial physical sign of speaking with other tongues as the Holy Ghost gives utterance. This experience is distinct from and subsequent to the experience of the new birth, and is a seconded defiant work of grace.  With the baptism of the Holy Ghost comes the enduing of power for life and service and the bestowing of spiritual gifts.

DIVINE HEALING Divine healing is provided for in both Old and New Testaments and is integral to the Gospel.

THE SECOND ADVENT OF CHRIST & THE FINAL JUDGMENT As the climax to God’s dealing with man, Jesus is coming again. At that time, there will be a resurrection of the righteous and the wicked. The wicked will be judged and the righteous will be ushered into the everlasting Kingdom of God.

Thesis/Dissertation Preparation

1. Thesis length for Master program is to be 50 pages.  Dissertation for Doctoral program is to be 100 pages.  Topic is subject to approval and/or adjustment by the Administrator of Academics.

2. Thesis/Dissertation should be typed, doubled-spaced, with standard 1 inch top, bottom, and side margins with size 12 Times New Roman font.

3. Cover sheet should contain college name and address, student’s name, date, thesis subject, and the degree for which credit is requested.

4. Footnotes should be properly designated at the bottom of each page or at the end of each section/chapter.

5. The strength of the thesis/dissertation will be determined by the content, research evidence, development of thesis, and mechanics (i.e. spelling, grammar, paragraphing, footnoting, transitions, punctuation, etc.)

6. Plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated.

7. Titles of books and articles should be underlined.

8. A properly constructed bibliography of references used should follow the conclusion of the thesis on separate page(s).

9. Submit your thesis in a slip or spiral binding.

10. Make two (2) copies - one to keep and one to submit to MTU.  MTU reserves the right to retain this thesis in the MTU library.

11. There is a $100 reading fee due upon submission for Master thesis, and $200 reading fee due upon submission for Doctoral Dissertation.


HE CHRISTIAN DEGREE PROGRAMS OF MCT/MTU are designed to equip students to follow the Lord in the work of the ministry. If your sole purpose of needing an education is for the Gospel ministry or related field within Christian ministry, secular accreditation is not necessary or required. Most Christian churches accept quality Christian education regardless to which accreditation group, if any, the referenced institution belongs. If study is for purpose other than ministry, such as business administrator, engineer, lawyer, etc., students should apply to an institution that belongs to a regional accrediting association. In secular education, regional accreditation is essential! For education of those in Christian service, secular accreditation does little more than typically make the tuition beyond the reach of most ministers.

However, Midwest College of Theology is a member of, and accredited with the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries. We have been able to secure this private accreditation and keep tuition costs at a minimum. These accrediting associations are not formally recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, and MCT has chosen not to be affiliated with any state or federal governmental agency.


MCT/MTU has the philosophy that a quality, spiritual education that trains an individual for service to the Lord Jesus Christ should not leave that individual with an oppressive financial debt. This is another reason that we have not sought the very costly regional accreditation that leads to qualification for government-guaranteed student loans and other government programs. Institutions using such loans generally charge the maximum tuition allowable, leaving the student with a sizeable debt at the completion of their education. For those called to the ministry, it can be very difficult to obey God’s calling with this type of debt lingering over their finances.  Therefore, MCT/MTU elected a less-costly, independent accreditation. Our approach is to provide the most affordable, quality, spiritual education that we can as a ministry to the Lord and to His servants.


MCT Internet payment schedule

MCT online can finance this Accredited, Affordable, Accelerated Education at 0% interest for 12 months.  We have bundled the cost of each program to simplify payments for the student.  For each program the student will make one (1) primary payment to begin and then make smaller recurring payments of your choosing.

When your primary payment with a credit/debit card is made, you will then me asked to authorize a lesser payment amount to be automatically withdrawn over the next 12 months at intervals that best work for you.


Upon submitting your primary payment and authorizing your automatically withdrawn 12-month payment plan, full curriculum of the program you have chosen will be made available to you.  You may complete each lesson at your own pace.  When all lessons, tests, (Doctoral program has no tests) and financial obligations are completed, you will receive your Diploma.  (no prepayment penalty)

This payment schedule does not apply to the “Drug Intervention Ministry” nor the certificate programs, (How to write and publish your own book, Chaplin Certification, Employment Certification, Church Planting)
Note *Payments are rounded up to the nearest dollar.
12-month time allotment to complete courses. 20% late fee applied to any unpaid balance, 10% for each additional month afterwards.

MCT/MTU reserves the right to allow, or not to allow credits earned at other institutions for similar courses taken at that institution.  If credit is allowed, the candidate will be assessed $2.00 per each hour.  These hours may not exceed 75% of the required hours for Doctoral graduation.

If credits are from a non-Christian school (secular) student must complete a 500 question assessment at a cost of $500.00 per level to allow said credits to be considered for transfer to MCT.

Ministry Life Earned Credits
To qualify for MLE credit, the majority of the material presented should result from the students’ own study of the Word of God and not rely upon use of pre-printed curriculum. MLE credit will also be awarded for evangelistic speaking engagements, as well as teaching or preaching over radio and television.  Conducting Sunday school classes, home Bible studies, or cell groups do count toward MLE credit.  If credit is allowed the candidate will be assessed $35 per credit hour.  MLE credits will only be accepted for 25% of credit hours of degree student is applying for. MLE credits are only to be accepted for Associate and/or Bachelor’s degrees.

Official transcript (official school sealed) $50.00.  Unofficial transcript (no official seal) $20.00.

It is the official policy that once curriculum is received by student from MCT no refund will be returned . 


A student will be charged $50 for any check returned to their MCT/MTU campus because of insufficient funds.

MCT does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, or gender.  We guarantee the rights, privileges, and the availability of all programs and activities to all students of MCT/MTU.

Statute 20, United States Code, §1232g and regulations adopted pursuant thereto, hereafter, referred to as the Code, requires that each student be notified of the rights accorded him or her by the Code. The following is provided as basic general information relative to the Code: The Code provided for the institution to establish a category of student information termed “directory information. “When available in college records, any information falling in the category of ‘directory information’ will be available to all persons on request, i.e., the IRS, FBI, or other government agencies, and for use in MCT/MTU publications.

Note to student: When completing your application to this college, you were required to indicate by your signature that you were notified of your rights as recorded by Statute 20, United States Code, Section 1232g. If you were not so notified, or if you did not complete and sign such an application, please notify your Campus Director.


ACCREDITATION IS NOT SECULAR, IT IS RELIGIOUS.  A secular certification is not provided with this degree.  This degree is intended to train students for ministry.

Your Tax-Exempt donation

Your Tax-deductible donation will be divided between Drug Free World Foundation for the distribution of Drug Intervention tools around the world n and Lifeline Ministries and to help feed starving children in Haiti.